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Net Gain

The Big Picture: Net Gain

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Best Supporting Actor
The Tipping Point

on the banks

The Tipping Point

Alumnus Lester Brown, one of the founders of the environmental movement, continues to influence policy prescriptions for addressing global challenges.

  • Legacies for Tolerance

    At the Tyler Clementi Center, Beth Loffreda remembers the life of a young gay man, Matt Shepard.

  • By the Numbers

    Rutgers gets top marks for its students, scholars, and research and teaching efforts.

True Grit

scarlet sports

True Grit

The Lady Ice Knights club hockey team takes aim at winning its third straight championship.

  • Golf, All Year Long

    Players can relive the game’s great moments at the USGA museum, where alumnus Robert Alvarez minds its collection.

  • The Comeback Kid

    After playing just a year for the Scarlet Knights basketball team, Briyona Canty underwent open-heart and knee surgeries. Miraculously, she’s back.

Patron Saint of the Arts

the arts

Patron Saint of the Arts

The generous alumnus behind the new Robert E. Mortensen Hall, which is benefiting aspiring artists at the Mason Gross School of the Arts.

  • The Making of an Oscar

    Alumnus Kevin Goetz, Hollywood’s go-to market researcher, measures audience reaction to a film before the producer’s final cut.

  • Painting by Numbers

    Alumna Olena Paslawsky, the top financial officer at the Met, oversees the books at the famous art museum.

Look, Ma, No Hands

health matters

Look, Ma, No Hands

Surgeon Tomer Davidov, of Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, is adept at using the latest technology in laproscopic procedures that are minimally invasive for the patient. 

  • A Doctor in Demand

    A fellowship program at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey trains physicians to become skilled breast-cancer surgeons and oncological experts.

  • The Rub on Knee Pain

    A study underway will evaluate the effects of massage in alleviating chronic knee pain. 

Fair Game?


Fair Game?

Ronald Clarke, at the School of Criminal Justice, has lent his expertise to a particular kind of crime: wildlife poaching.

  • Death in the Jungle

    Alumna Kristin Davis, who starred in HBO’s hit Sex and the City, is now in the role of a lifetime: advocating for threatened elephants.

  • Discoveries

    Recent breakthroughs and findings in faculty research.

Enough Said

alumni notes

Enough Said

For close to half a century, alumnus Bob Braun was a fixture at the Star-Ledger, producing columns that had an impact on both the subjects and the readers of his stories.

  • No Place Like Home

    The first Rutgers Alumni House opens on the Camden Campus.

  • A Student of Government

    James Kern, New Jersey’s youngest mayor, applies the theoretical gleaned at Rutgers to the practical in running Pohatcong Township.