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A Star-Studded Cast
A Family Affair

on the banks

A Family Affair

Alumna Hannah Pennington, the head of the new Manhattan Family Justice Center, plays a pivotal role in helping to reduce domestic violence in New York City.

  • Twin Bill

    President Robert L. Barchi addresses commencements for Rutgers and UMDNJ.

  • Hard at Work for Labor

    Law student at Rutgers–Camden receives a fellowship to uphold workers’ rights. 

What's a Goalie to Do?

scarlet sports

What's a Goalie to Do?

The top skill for a netminder to possess is mental toughness, but developing that talent is not a given.

  • Hilltop Views

    Having coached the Scarlet Knights baseball team for 30 years, Fred Hill knows the makings of a good player—and what it has taken to win games.

  • Around the Nation's Links in 50 Days

    Alumnus Harry Scott did the inconceivable, playing a round of golf in every state.

The Voice of Choice

the arts

The Voice of Choice

Alumnus and actor Dion Graham is one of the top performers in audiobook narration, a growing and competitive artistic medium.

  • Books: News and Previews

    A unique collaboration on ebooks at RutgersCamden, and a lecturer at RutgersNewark is a finalist for a Pulitzer.

  • Learned It Through the Grapevine

    Four graduates of the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences have found careers at New Jersey vineyards.

Lost in Space


Lost in Space

Rachel Somerville is acclaimed for her research into theoretical modeling of galaxy formation.

The Graduates

alumni notes

The Graduates

Two sorority sisters revel in their final moments as students before becoming alumnae of Rutgers.

  • The Scarlet Carpet on the Snowy Slopes

    The Rutgers Club of Southwest Idaho provides a big welcome for the Rutgers ski team competing in the state.

  • A Soldier's Story

    Time recently published its most indelible images of the Iraq War, one featuring alumnus and veteran James Dobis, who relives the moment.