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Rutgers institutions that are helping women.


The organizations that have made Rutgers paramount in the realm of women’s issues include the Institute for Women’s Leadership and its seven member groups: the Center for Women’s Global Leadership, whose mission is to develop women leaders prepared to address the worldwide issues of human rights and social justice; the Center for American Women and Politics, the nation’s foremost source of information about women’s participation in the political sphere; the Center for Women and Work, which sponsors research promoting issues critical to working women, including the gender pay gap and the reconciliation of work and family life; the Institute for Research on Women, an interdisciplinary organization with 900-plus faculty, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates from across the university; the Institute for Women and Art, which promotes and advances the work of women and feminist artists; the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, with a 200-member faculty whose expertise in women’s and gender studies is enriched by specializations across numerous disciplines; and Douglass Residential College, devoted to fostering women’s success and leadership.