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Great Expectations

rendering of new livingston campusThe Livingston Campus today—far from its origins more than four decades ago when it emerged from the remains of the former World War II military base Camp Kilmer—is quickly being transformed into a state-of-the-art center for business and professional education.

The centerpiece of the dramatic facelift is the Rutgers Business School, with construction for the $85 million facility well under way, jump-started by an anonymous gift of $10 million. A new student center and dining facilities, both the talk of the town for their ingenuity and beauty, have already been built. And this fall, new student housing opens, accounting for why student requests to live on the Livingston Campus have never been stronger. Renovations to the Louis Brown Athletic Center (RAC) as well as the construction of a conference center and hotel are planned, too. It’s all part of the vision to exponentially expand the offerings for professional, continuing, and executive education through the schools of business, management and labor relations, social work, and education, all of which will be located on the campus.

“It’s going to be a transformed campus,” said president Richard L. McCormick, whose vision was instrumental in the campus’s development. “It’s the closest thing we have to the model 21st-century campus.”