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A Two-Way Street
Return of the Native Son

on the banks

Return of the Native Son

Ray Chambers SB’64, the former Wall Street financier-cum-philanthropist, underwrites numerous causes in his hometown of Newark, including residential housing for Rutgers–Newark students.

  • Give Peace a Chance

    The Peace Corps, launched at Rutgers as its first training facility for 80 volunteers, turns 50.

  • Perception Versus Reality

    Alumna Janalee Chmel creates Motherhood with Attitude greeting cards aimed at young parenthood.

Double the Trouble

scarlet sports

Double the Trouble

Quarterback Tom Savage and wide receiver Mohamed Sanu figured big in the Scarlet Knights’ success in 2009. What will the inseparable sophomores do for an encore in 2010?

  • A Very Professional Setting

    Entering his 10th year as Rutgers’ head football coach, Greg Schiano has his team playing like the pros.

  • Singin’ in the Lane

    The Scarlet Knights women’s basketball team is counting on Chelsey Lee and her inside game.


the arts


Beth Lucas, head scenic painter of the celebrated floats appearing in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, spends the holiday putting last-minute touches on her work.

  • Holding Court

    The beloved Court Tavern and the New Brunswick music scene struggle to survive.

  • Fragile: Handle with Care

    The GlassBook Project at Rutgers–Newark attacks domestic violence through artwork.

God on the Brain


God on the Brain

Professor Lionel Tiger gives an the anthropological, as well as neurological, explanation for the prevalence of religion in the world.

  • Initiatives

    Rutgers collaborates with leading institutions to serve the state, the nation, and the world.

  • Accolades

    Appointments and honors among Rutgers faculty and staff.

Giving in Order to Gain

alumni notes

Giving in Order to Gain

Through a gift in memory of her late husband, Phyllis Greenberg is making a difference—and a personal connection.

  • Alumni Advice

    With jobs a scarcity, many graduates are are learning to adjust to living at home again.

  • Difference Makers

    Laura Pople, of Seer Farms, cares for pets when their owners aren’t able to.