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Look, Ma, No Hands

Look, Ma, No Hands

Surgeon Tomer Davidov, of Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, is adept at using the latest technology in laproscopic procedures that are minimally invasive for the patient. 

  • A Doctor in Demand

    A Doctor in Demand

    A fellowship program at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey trains physicians to become skilled breast-cancer surgeons and oncological experts.

  • Nurses Know Best

    Nurses Know Best

    The FOCUS Wellness Center, a one-stop, nurse-managed clinic in Newark, delivers health care and better quality of life to the city’s neediest population. 

  • The Rub on Knee Pain

    The Rub on Knee Pain

    A study underway will evaluate the effects of massage in alleviating chronic knee pain. 

  • Concussions on His Mind

    Concussions on His Mind

    Neil Jasey, he director of Traumatic Brain Injury Services at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, is a leading expert on concussions.

  • Words to the Wise

    Words to the Wise

    Health services that are available through Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences and its clinics.