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What Readers Are Thinking

Comments on the Winter 2012 issue of Rutgers Magazine.

Colleagues in Collaboration
My father, the late Dr. Arthur Schwartz, was a chemist who worked with Dr. Joachim Kohn developing formulations for the polymers used for antibiotic coatings on stents and other medical devices. I congratulate Dr. Kohn on being the subject of this very interesting story (“The New Frontier of Medicine,” Winter 2012). I’ve had the privilege of meeting Dr. Kohn and some of my father’s colleagues who worked with him on these fascinating projects. Reading this story gave me great pride knowing he played an important role in future medical developments.
Spencer Schwartz LC’93

Table for Two
While I was eating a pedestrian salami sandwich, it was a delight to salivate even more reading the terrific piece on Mark Pascal and Francis Schott’s restaurants (“The Restaurant Guys,” Winter 2012). It’s a joy to learn of great success for two guys who have nurtured a friendship and business trust into a thriving success, and who treat their hardworking staff with some humanity. Of course, I couldn’t have afforded such fine dining while on the Banks on a regular basis had it existed, but it would have been worth saving up for! Wish I had an excuse to toddle on down from Buffalo to New Brunswick in the near future.
Don Paul RC’69

Cancer on the Presidency
I was appalled to read on page 18 of the Winter 2012 edition that John Dean was one of the “well-known speakers” invited to Rutgers in New Brunswick (“Speaking of the Matter”). You fail to mention Dean was in­dicted, convicted of felonies, sentenced to one to four years for crimes of “moral turpitude,” and disbarred as a lawyer for his work as Counsel to the President of the United States. His major achievement is that he is a convicted felon and disbarred lawyer who prefers the role of a martyr.
John H. Carley RC’62

One Good Ride From End to End
The 10 defining Rutgers (men’s) basketball games you listed were all on the New Brunswick Campus (“Let the Good Times Roll,” Winter 2012). Some dramatic ones, one in particular, took place off campus. In the late 1970s, Rutgers was the number-one college basketball draw at Madison Square Garden. On December 30, 1978, Rutgers played Ohio State in the final of its Holiday Tournament.

With six seconds left in the second overtime, Ohio State had a two-point lead—and the ball. James Bailey LC’79 stole the inbounds pass, and Rutgers scored to send the game into a third overtime. Rutgers won in the third overtime, 97–96. When the game ended, around midnight, no more trains were scheduled from Penn Station to New Brunswick until the next morning. However, the last train had been held until the game ended (or a special train had been added). When it left the station for New Brunswick, it was filled with Rutgers fans celebrating the victory.
Professor Arnold Glass
Department of Psychology
School of Arts and Sciences