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Introductions Are in Order

Alumni volunteers nationwide invite incoming Rutgers students and their families to summer events to introduce them to their new university.

Rutgers barbecue illustration
Illustration by Dan Baxter

A distinct advantage for first-year students is comparing notes with those who know Rutgers best: alumni. That’s why First-Year Student Send-off Parties, a series of summer events hosted by the Rutgers University Alumni Association’s network of regional alumni clubs nationwide, has been such a big success. Here’s how it works: alumni volunteers partner with the RUAA and Undergraduate Admissions to invite incoming students and their families to special regional events that put Rutgers’ best foot forward before the students even step onto campus.

“We are excited to send our local students off to Rutgers with a sense of community, knowledge, and support from the alumni in our area,” says Mark Velasquez CC’95, president of the Rutgers Club of San Diego, which is hosting the Annual Student Send-off Picnic in August. “We show them that the Rutgers community is not confined to a campus 3,000 miles away. The students also meet others from the region, get tips on navigating housing and class schedules, and learn where to get an authentic East Coast slice of pizza!”

All alumni living in regions where student send-off events will take place are welcome to attend—and are encouraged to volunteer to make the programs a success. Events may include backyard barbecues, catered luncheons, or picnics in the park. Locations and dates will be available at early this summer. Don’t see an event near you? Contact the RUAA at 848-932-2266 or to find out how you can get involved in other ways.