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A Membership to Last a Lifetime

The Rutgers University Alumni Association was formed four years ago to include all graduates as members. And guess what? You are one of them.

Graduates with Rutgers Alumni Card
All graduates—from every school, college, campus, and class year—receive the Rutgers Alumni Card to symbolize their membership in the RUAA.

Since the RUAA’s formation nearly four years ago, the goal has been to communicate the message that all Rutgers University graduates are automatically members. As the RUAA has grown and evolved to serve the needs and interests of our alumni, we continue to inform alumni about the basics of membership in the RUAA. If you still have questions, contact the RUAA at or 848-932-7061.

How many alumni are members of the Rutgers University Alumni Association?

There are 405,000 total living alumni, right?
Yes. Every Rutgers graduate is a member of the RUAA.

So I am a member just because I graduated from Rutgers?
You got it!

And I don’t have to pay membership fees or dues?
That’s correct. The RUAA does not collect any dues. In fact, there are no membership applications, either. Rutgers automatically considers graduates from every school, college, campus, and class year to be members of the RUAA.

How long is my membership good for?
Forever! All Rutgers alumni will always be members of the RUAA.

What are the benefits of membership?
All RUAA members—that’s all Rutgers alumni—enjoy exclusive access to an array of benefits and services. Through the Rutgers PerksCard Network, there are 50,000 merchants nationwide offering discounts, all accessible from a searchable online database. Liberty Mutual Insurance, for example, has discounted rates on policies. Log in at to find out more.

How can I show that I am a member?
Through your personalized Rutgers Alumni Card. Carry it with pride and show off your affiliation with one of the nation’s top universities.

I do not have a Rutgers Alumni Card. How do I get one?
Complete the request form at or call toll-free 877-307-1983. Alumni from the Class of 2012 will automatically receive their alumni cards this fall.

Visit to explore the RUAA in more detail. We look forward to your taking the next step in your relationship with Rutgers!