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First in Class

First in Class

Among the first African-American men to attend Rutgers, and later an early incarnation of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Charles H. Bowers Jr. broke down barriers.

  • A Law School Runs Through It

    A Law School Runs Through It

    The law schools of Rutgers have figured prominently in the successful careers of three generations of the Rose family.

  • Brew for You

    Brew for You

    Jared and Kristy Littman—lawyers by day and beer gurus by night—serve the Philly craft-brew community, pint by pint.

  • Little Big Man

    Little Big Man

    Too small to play football, alumnus Shiro Watari did practice with the team, with an ardor later used to promote the sport in Japan.

  • Ride On

    Ride On

    A painful commute inspires two alumni proprietors to offer a carpooling service created primarily for students.

  • On the Same Frequency

    On the Same Frequency

    Alumni who were student disc jockeys in the late '60s reunite to celebrate a big anniversary.