Kyle Flood


Nick Romanenko

Kyle Flood
Third season
2013 record: 6-7
Home Schedule Highlight: October 4 vs. Michigan

• “Every player that we now come in contact with, in New Jersey and beyond, is aware of the conference we’re playing in, the opportunity we have, the access to the national championship, and the playoff format. And, like anything else in life, you want to associate with people who have the same value systems that you do. And in the Big Ten Conference, that’s where we are.”

• “Not only do we have 12 completely different teams on the schedule this year, we also have four new coaches on the coaching staff. So we’re integrating the coaching staff as we’re preparing for almost all new teams.”

• “There’s a premium on linemen, and that’s something we’ve addressed very well on the defensive side. On the offensive side, we’re still building depth to make sure we’re prepared for the league.”


. Vivian Stringer


courtesy of Rutgers Athletics Communications

Women’s Basketball
C. Vivian Stringer
20th season
2013–14 record: 28-9
(WNIT champion)
Home Schedule Highlight: January 15 vs. Maryland

• “The experience that our team had going to the WNIT and playing six straight games on the road will bode well going into the Big Ten.”

• “I don’t know of any Big Ten university that doesn’t have tremendous support from students, fans, and the state. There’s just a level of pride

I haven’t seen anywhere else in the country. We’re capable of the same things.”

• “Our goal will be nothing less than to win the Big Ten title. If we come up short, it won’t be for lack of trying.”


Dan Donigan


courtesy of Rutgers Athletics Communications

Men’s Soccer
Dan Donigan
Fifth season
2013 record: 7-11-2
Home Schedule Highlight: November 5 vs. Maryland

• “We’re entering what I consider to be, without a doubt, one of the best soccer conferences in the country.”

• “I want to fight not just for the Big Ten Conference championship; I want to fight for the national championship.”

• “Just the prestige of the Big Ten has opened up a lot of eyes for kids from the Midwest to look at Rutgers. They’re going to be able to play in front of family and friends and play for one of the best academic institutions in the country.”


Eddie Jordan


Nick Romanenko

Men’s Basketball
Eddie Jordan
Second season
2013–14  record: 12-21
Home Schedule Highlight:
January 27 vs. Michigan State

• “We have to prepare ourselves from not only a basketball standpoint, but also a mental and emotional standpoint. We have to be ready to compete at a high, competitive level while handling the travel and the media coverage.”

• “The Big Ten is very physical and is very demanding in execution and rebounding. It’s playing a full 40 minutes at a high level. You have to be able to navigate the ebb and flow of a game and be prepared to go on the road in front of very enthusiastic crowds.”

• “We are the only school in the nation that can say ‘Big Ten Network’ and ‘New York media.’ If you want exposure, it’s certainly there at the highest level.”


Mike O’Neill


courtesy of Rutgers Athletics Communications

Women’s Soccer
Mike O’Neill
First season
2013 record: 13-4-5
Home Schedule Highlight: September 21 vs. Michigan

• “We have always prided ourselves on playing a highly competitive schedule. By joining the Big Ten, this will force our team to be the best that it can be on a consistent basis.”

• “There will be no easy games. The consistency in our performance will determine how successful we are in the Big Ten.”

• “Becoming part of the most prestigious academic and athletic conference in the country will help take our recruiting to the next level.”


Scott Goodale


courtesy of Rutgers Athletics Communications

Scott Goodale
Eighth season
2013–14 record: 11-5
Home Schedule Highlight: January 11 vs. Minnesota

• “Nothing across the nation compares to the competition of wrestling in the Big Ten. Matching the intensity night in and night out is the key to being successful.”

• “We need to understand that this conference will humble you, and you can’t let your highs get too high and your lows too low. If we stay the course, we will be prepared for March.”

• “Our goals remain the same as always: we want to have All-Americans, national champions, and find ourselves among the top 10 to 15 teams in the nation. That is where this program is at right now.”