illustration of soccer goalie fending off soccer balls


illustration by Daniel Baxter

Follow the Bouncing Ball

The fully automated soccer trainer shoots balls at players from different angles and at different speeds.

Risky Business

The drone spots dangerous driving behavior lurking on the roadways below and assesses risks to other drivers.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

The system detects and distinguishes three types of leg and foot ulcerations, alerting patient and doctor if there is a risk of an ulcer developing.

The Kid Is All Right

The smart infant car seat provides creature comforts for any traveling tot, from an automated feeder to music player to a health monitor controlled by an app.

Door Service

The robot doorman, remarkably human, ably performs duties as it recognizes strangers and apartment-dwellers alike while accepting package deliveries.

Blind Spot

The drone can lead a blind person through a multistory building, helping the person to avoid obstacles and minimize unnecessary walking.

Snack Attack

The snack-mix machine accepts customized orders via web or text, packages them, and stores them until delighted customers pick them up.

Support Group

The self-adjusting ergonomic smart chair reduces the risk of injury by monitoring back and shoulder posture to provide optimal support.

Bringing Holiday Cheer

The gift-wrapping machine wraps gift boxes of different sizes—and with paper that the customer selects.

Green Machine

The plant care system sows, fertilizes, waters, and even controls weeds, working in gardens of different sizes and shapes.