Graphic of the new Rutgers Shield

To mark its 250th anniversary in 2016, Rutgers has updated the university shield, which was first created for the 1966 bicentennial. Simpler in design and rich in symbolism, the new shield honors the university’s founding as Queen’s College in 1766, its commitment to knowledge and scholarship, and its service to New Jersey.

The iconography of the shield represents Rutgers’ history and enduring mission. The shield is divided into thirds, representing Rutgers’ connections to New Jersey’s three regions: north, central, and south. The sunburst conveys illumination, light as metaphor for knowledge. It is also the motif of the Rutgers official seal and lies at the heart of the university’s motto, “Sun of righteousness, shine upon the West also.” The crown acknowledges the founding of Queen’s College, named for Queen Charlotte, wife of Great Britain’s King George III who reigned over the American colonies when Rutgers’ charter was signed. The year 1766 marks Rutgers’ status as one of America’s nine original colonial colleges. The symbolism of the book pays tribute to Rutgers’ historical commitment to teaching, learning,  academic inquiry, and scholarship. The three stars represent the State of New Jersey, the third state to ratify the U.S. Constitution.