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From the left, alumni James Dougherty, Mary DiMartino, and Ken Johnson.

A Promise Kept

Scarlet Promise Grants, an effort to raise a $3 million endowment, will help students with aid. 

The recently renovated Rutgers University–Newark Alumni Center

A Home for Community

Introducing the newly renovated Rutgers University–Newark Alumni Center.

Students and faculty participating in this year’s Lloyd C. Gardner Fellowship Program in Leadership and Social Policy

A Passion for Policy

A groundbreaking fellowship program prepares Rutgers students to grapple with major issues.

Louis Masur, a Distinguished Professor of American Studies and History at the School of Arts and Sciences

A Scholarly Look at Springsteen

Why professor Louis Masur believes Bruce Springsteen personifies the American Dream.

From the left, Phillip Garcia, the assistant dean of Livingston College; Ernest Lynton, dean of the college; and students Judy Byrnes and Timothy Harris days before the opening of the college in 1969.

The Roots of Rutgers’ Diversity

Three events from 50 years ago that shaped the makeup of the student body.​

Basketball player Shaq Carter, wrestler Joseph Grello, gymnast Shannon Farrell, and basketball player Jordan Wallace.

Peak Performance

The RWJBarnabas Health Athletic Performance Center provides the best in practice facilities.​

The Impossible Burger

Impossibly Good

Rutgers Food Innovation Center helped create the meatless Impossible Burger, now in growing demand.

Brooke Kamin Rapaport

Public Exposure

Alumna Brooke Kamin Rapaport promotes more exposure for sculpture in urban settings.