Three Rutgers Students on bench


Douglas Benedict

With the ScarletVoice online platform, the Rutgers community has a new way to express its pride—loud and clear.

Cheering in the stands or crooning about the banks of the Raritan are excellent ways to unleash scarlet pride. Then there’s ScarletVoice—another great method for spreading pride in Rutgers. And it doesn’t require massive lung power.

ScarletVoice is an online platform that alerts users to Rutgers-focused news articles and other digital content. After receiving an article summary via email, users can share the story on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or a combination of channels.

“I love reading the posts,” says Marsha Goldwasser DC’94, who signed up on ScarletVoice soon after its rollout. “I’ve learned about some incredible programs and projects at the university and beyond, and I take pride in sharing.”

Scarlet pride isn’t the only motivator. Users earn points each time they post a story or recruit new Scarlet Voices, with top earners winning prizes and online recognition. Chris Norton CC’95, a past frontrunner, cites yet another incentive: what’s good for Rutgers is good for its graduates.

“Anything that helps tell the Rutgers story and enhance the image and prestige of the university will also impact me and my family,” says Norton.

Henggao Cai RBS’17 likens ScarletVoice to a virtual campus that allows him “to stay connected to my classmates, friends, and faculty.” Barry Kushnir LC’91, SMLR’12 also emphasizes the sense of connection, calling ScarletVoice “a rewarding yet easy service that allows you to continue a lifelong relationship with the university.”

No matter what drives alumni  to sign up and share, the positive vibe of their digital chorus can’t  be ignored.

To become a Scarlet Voice or learn more about the platform, visit