Alumnus Rich Cestone and Pedro Cesar Lopes Gerum


Alumnus Rich Cestone, left, is the president of the Rutgers Engineering Society, which raises awareness and the influence of graduates of the School of Engineering. He is pictured with Pedro Cesar Lopes Gerum, a Ph.D. candidate at the school.

John O'Boyle

Of all the reasons to join one of the Rutgers University Alumni Association’s 100-plus chartered organizations, professional networking is often at the top of the list. Nearly a third of these alumni groups are for graduates of a particular college, school, program of study, or university location.

SPOTLIGHT ON: Rutgers Engineering Society

Who they are: The Rutgers Engineering Society was formed in 1949 to strengthen the awareness and influence of School of Engineering graduates. Today, the roughly 400-member group represents Rutgers engineers at all career stages, from recent graduates to retirees.

What they do: Events range in focus from social to continuing education. It’s not uncommon for a softball game to break out at the annual summer picnic, which connects alumni with incoming students. The annual Alternate Energy Symposium and monthly featured speakers—which can be graduate students presenting thesis work or  professionals lecturing on a given topic—keep members abreast of industry developments. Current students are invited to all of the society’s events, and mentoring relationships often result.

Why they’re involved: “It’s rewarding to see what’s going on with the school,” says Rich Cestone ENG’84, GSNB’86, the society’s president. “Keeping that connection with students and the department helps alumni stay on top of trends, and helps students get started in their careers.”           

To learn more about how to get involved, visit or contact the RUAA volunteer engagement office at or 848-932-2266.