Empowering students and alumni to share, explore, and validate their experiences enriches the Rutgers community. It can create bonds of understanding among students of different backgrounds and between current and former students. To make the most of their unique experiences and to give back to new generations of students, graduates are encouraged to join one of the 100-plus chartered organizations of the Rutgers University Alumni Association.

Spotlight on: Rutgers University Muslim Alumni Association (RUMAA)

Who they are: Founded in 2010, the association aims to improve the Muslim student experience at Rutgers, foster a unified voice for Muslim students and alumni, strengthen the alumni community, and support the office of the university’s Muslim chaplain.

What they do: From small and large reunions to networking events,  RUMAA engages new and seasoned alumni. “We want to benefit a community with a shared experience as well as provide support for the Muslim students at Rutgers, which is the largest body of Muslim undergraduate students in the nation,” says Yasmin Ramadan SAS’16, co-chair of the association.

Why they’re involved: “As a recent graduate, I realized that my involvement did not have to end with graduation,” Ramadan says. “I believe it is our responsibility, if we have benefited from our time as students at Rutgers or wish we could have benefited more, to return to the banks of the Raritan and give back to our communities.”