Lorelei Wakefield and maternity lab coat sample


Since opening her online shop, docmomma.com, Lorelei Wakefield has sold most of her merchandise, with more lines to come. “I didn’t want to put anything out there unless I really loved it,” she says.

Anthony Two Moons

Not so long ago, it was a rare sight to see a woman wearing a lab coat, and it was practically inconceivable to imagine a pregnant woman  wearing one. And, by scanning the professional garb available on the market today, you might think nothing has changed.

“There are plenty of maternity scrubs available, but if you’re looking for a maternity lab coat, they’re almost impossible to find,” says veterinarian and alumna Lorelei Wakefield. “To me, that seemed sexist because there are plenty of female doctors, pharmacists, dentists, veterinarians, and other professionals who may be in need of a maternity lab coat, and they’re not being served.”

So when a pregnant colleague lamented that she could find only one ill-fitting lab coat on the market, Wakefield RC’99 decided to take matters into her own hands. In 2012, Doc Momma was born.

“I worked with three designers until we landed on a maternity lab coat that I would wear if I were pregnant,” Wakefield says. “I didn’t want to put anything out there unless I really loved it.” Today, Doc Momma offers three styles with flattering pleats, concealed stretch bands, and deep pockets that are stylish and functional.

It’s clear that Wakefield is not the only one who loves the designs. In the year since she opened her online shop, Wakefield sold about 70 percent of her first manufacturing run and is overseeing a second round of manufacturing to meet growing demand as she gets a concierge veterinary service off the ground in New York City.

She states, “I want Doc Momma to become a preferred brand for not just hospitals, but also any pregnant medical professional who struggled through her pregnancy with limited options.”