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Who can request speakers?
Professional, community, and civic organizations are welcome to request a Rutgers speaker.

How much lead time is needed to book a speaker?
You should submit your request at least three weeks in advance of the event date. Our office will contact you when your request is processed. If a speaker is available to address your group, you will be put directly in touch with that person to make final arrangements.

What if I am having trouble finding a speaker for my event?
Contact the Office of Community Affairs at 848-445-1952, or send an email to for assistance.

Are there any costs involved?
There is no fee to request a speaker through the Rutgers Speakers Bureau service; however, an honorarium may be required by a speaker and that fee is determined by the speaker. You should pay the speaker directly if an honorarium is part of your agreement.

What are the responsibilities of the host organization?
1. Submit your request online and work with the Office of Community Affairs to secure a speaker.
2. Once the speaker accepts your invitation, work directly with him or her to make arrangements regarding the details and logistics of your event.
3. Include the name of the university, "Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey," and a short prepared statement about the Rutgers Speakers Bureau when you introduce the speaker.
4. Complete and return the evaluation form that will be sent to you following the event.
5. Remit travel reimbursement and/or any honorarium directly to the speaker.

Who do I contact if I have to cancel my event?
Please notify the speaker directly, and then contact the Office of Community Affairs at 848-445-1952.