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Rutgers Speakers Bureau

As part of the university’s commitment and outreach to the state, the Rutgers Speakers Bureau provides New Jersey organizations with the ability to tap into the expertise of our community of scholars and professionals. You can easily find a speaker for your meeting or event by searching names, topics, or keywords.

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Browse to find a speaker who fits your needs. Then, submit a request using our online form.

No Fee

There is no fee to search and make a request for your program; however, some speakers do require an honorarium or reimbursement of travel expenses. Speakers who are asked to conduct workshops, seminars, or training will charge fees due to the nature of the work.

Best wishes for a successful event.

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Need Help?

For more information about the Rutgers Speakers Bureau, read our FAQs. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us or call 848-445-1952.

Featured Speaker

Michael Aaron Rockland

Potential Topics:
Popular culture, mobility, American ethnicity, American Jewish literature, issues in literature to film adaption, American foreign policy, individualism and communitarianism in American life, New Jersey and the state's 350th anniversary

Another Resource

Can't find a speaker from our list? Nonprofit organizations can also pay a small registration fee to the NJ Council for the Humanities’ Horizons Speakers Bureau to request lecturers specializing in the humanities.