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A Talented Trio

On the air and behind the scenes, three alumnae have made Elvis Duran and the Morning Show the nation’s most popular Top 40 morning radio program.

Carla Marie Monica, Kathleen Heaney, and Elizabeth Fazio
Alumnae (left to right) Carla Marie Monica, Kathleen Heaney, and Elizabeth Fazio play a big part in the radio show Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, which reaches five million listeners weekly. Photography by Benoit Cortet

When your coworkers feel like family, being at the office before dawn is second nature for the three Rutgers alumnae working at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, the most listened to Top 40 morning radio show nationwide. Broadcast from New York City on Z100 (100.3 FM), the show benefits from the skills of Carla Marie Monica, phone producer and on-air talent; “Web Girl” Kathleen Heaney, digital director for and the show’s social media guru; and Elizabeth Fazio, host Duran’s assistant. The women help the broadcast reach close to five million listeners a week on its 51 affiliate stations.

As a measure of her creative freedom, Monica SAS’10, SC&I’10 likes that whatever her mood, even a grumpy one, it can find its way into the show. “It’s not a job to me because I’m hanging out with my friends,” she says, as she screens phone calls and acts as “casting director” to make sure that the most interesting listeners get on air. She also hosts the “What’s Trending” segment, reviewing a wide range of new lifestyle products, websites, smartphone applications, clothing, and accessories.

“Working for Elvis is my favorite part of the job,” says Heaney RC’08, responsible for keeping the show’s website fresh and fun. She also updates the on-air cast about what fans are saying on Twitter and Facebook and provides fodder for their commentary, such as the top viral videos and cele­brity news.

For Fazio SAS’11, SC&I’11, her to-do list includes whatever the jet-setting Duran needs from her each day, whether it’s planning a party, working on the Jingle Ball invite list, or taking care of his bills. She credits her Rutgers experiences with helping her get it all done: “Juggling school, work, and internships taught me how to balance my unpredictable days here.”

Heaney concurs, noting that Rutgers allowed her to explore many disciplines and find her calling in social media. And Monica’s stint at WRSU helped her land the coveted Z100 internship that put her on the industry fast track.

— Diana Kelly RC’04, SCILS’04

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