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Looking Toward Tomorrow

In my evolving appreciation for Rutgers, one that apparently knows no bounds, still another facet of the university has come to impress me: the men and women who contribute behind the scenes and give generously to Rutgers. During the days and weeks that went into compiling this issue—devoted to Our Rutgers, Our Future: A Campaign for Excellence, the university’s bold campaign to raise $1 billion to support Rutgers—I came across one account after another of people who give money and why they do so. Each person had a compelling personal story, each different from the others, but what they all share is a clear love for and belief in Rutgers. And because it all began at Rutgers, they are eager to see their experiences replicated for future generations of students and scholars and researchers, and all the good they will do for the name of Rutgers and for the state of New Jersey, the nation, and the world. Likewise, the unique strengths of Rutgers explain why large organizations such as Johnson & Johnson and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, among many other corporate and nonprofit supporters, see the value in underwriting the university’s mission of education, research, and community outreach. It’s that important.

But Rutgers, like all public universities, is up against some stiff challenges. In these tough economic times, states are curtailing their support for their educational institutions, putting the onus on universities to find alternative funding sources to fill the financial void. And that’s where our alumni can play a role. With such a large number of you out there—390,000 and counting—contributions of any kind, large and small, can add up to a sizeable amount of funds to realize the ambitious goals of the university’s future.

You can learn about the special satisfaction that others get from giving to Rutgers—and the gratitude that recipients feel for their generosity—by clicking here. Our Rutgers and our future are at stake.
                                                                                                                                                      — David W. Major