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Prized Possessions

A new exhibition features the personal effects of Henry Rutgers.

The life and times of Colonel Henry Rutgers (1745–1830)—soldier, statesman, philanthropist, wealthy landowner, and leader in the Dutch Reformed Church—will be the subject of “Benevolent Patriot: The Life and Times of Henry Rutgers,” opening on February 15 in the Galleries of Special Collections and University Archives of the Alexander Library in New Brunswick. The exhibition will feature Rutgers’ most treasured possessions, acquired by the university over the years and many never seen before, as well as photographs, prints, and historical documents that recount Rutgers’ life. Running through June, “Benevolent Patriot” opens with a complimentary reception and lecture at 5 p.m. in the library’s Scholarly Communication Center.

Some of the personal effects of Henry Rutgers
Photography by Nick Romanenko