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Something to Talk About

Something to Talk About

Khalil Gibran Muhammad takes over as the head of America’s foremost research library dedicated to the African diaspora: the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.

  • A Lasting Impression

    A Lasting Impression

    A former student gives $2 million in honor of a mentor in the history department to benefit students in the School of Arts and Sciences.

  • Help Wanted

    Rutgers School of Law–Camden, as part of its pro bono program, is pitching in to help ex-inmates make a successful return to society.


  • Pharm Aid

    Alumnus Dean Paranicas is appointed the president of the Health Care Institute of New Jersey in an effort to help the state's pharmaceutical industry.


  • Gone but Never Forgotten

    Gone but Never Forgotten

    Alumna Kerry Glass saves the memories of the terminally ill through personalized videos that preserve their legacy for family.


  • Legal Precedent

    Legal Precedent

    Legal Matter, the shop at the Rutgers School of Law–Newark, raises money for students and allows alumni to show their pride.


  • Demand—and Supply

    Demandéand Supply

    Rutgers–Camden sets its sights on building a new dormitory for its growing student body.


  • A Hero’s Welcome

    A Hero’s Welcome

    Mary Pat Christie visits Rutgers to honor a student for helping autistic children.


  • Advantage, Zhang

    Advantage, Zhang

    Tennis star Amy Zhang receives a coveted Gates Cambridge Scholarship to study at the University of Cambridge.

  • Hail to the Chief

    Hail to the Chief

    The Center on the American Governor in New Brunswick studies the role of states’ top executives.


  • Instant Messaging

    Instant Messaging

    At Brower Commons Dining Hall in New Brunswick, Captain Commons answers all napkin-delivered student queries.


  • Exits Strategy

    Exits Strategy

    Flying Fish Brewing Company founder and alumnus Gene Muller introduces "Exit 9: Hoppy Scarlet Ale," the latest in the Exit Series.

  • Speakers in the House

    Speakers in the House

    Rutgers attracts celebrated authors Toni Morrison, Annette Gordon-Reed, and Scott Turow to headline graduation ceremonies.


  • Never in Vain

    Never in Vain

    Two scholarships are created in honor of the memories of two Rutgers women whose lives were cut short by murderers.


  • 60 Seconds

    60 Seconds

    Pamela Schaller, a senior aquatic biologist at the California Academy of Sciences, is a friend of the African penguin.