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Additional faculty experts in specific disciplines may be found on the following websites maintained by those units:

Search for Experts at Rutgers–Camden [PDF]

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To search for individual terms or topics

  • Searching with individual keywords will return the broadest selection of experts.
  • Searching broad academic disciplines (e.g., education) or categories may return a large number of experts, some of whom may not have the specific expertise applicable to your query. Use more than one word to refine a search (e.g., higher education).

To search using more than one word

To search for several individual keywords simultaneously, you may use AND, OR, or NOT between each word.

  • Using AND finds entries only containing both words.
  • Using OR finds entries containing either word.  The same results can be expected by simply entering more than one word.
  • Using NOT limits search (e.g., cell not adhesion, returns all entries that contain the word cell except those that also contain the word adhesion)

To search by phrase

To search for both words as a phrase (e.g., cell biology), use quotation marks around the words.