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What is "Find an Expert?"
Find an Expert is a database tool that enables members of the news media to identify Rutgers scholars and professionals who are available to comment on a multitude of topics.

Does Rutgers have video and audio capabilities on its campus for broadcasting or uplinking live or recorded interview?
Rutgers’ professional television studio and staff are available for transmission of live or recorded interviews from our campus in Piscataway, N.J. Rutgers’ iTV studio has satellite uplink and fiber pass-thru capabilities to all major national and international TV networks, as well as ISDN-audio service for radio broadcast needs. With advance notice, the Rutgers iTV Studio can be made available during the day or evening. For more information about these services, please contact Deb Andriano at 848-445-5007, x2, or send e-mail to Fees may apply.

When I input a topic or keyword, what information is searched?
The search engine scans the database for department names, research interests, and biographical information provided by our volunteer experts and returns individuals who match your query. The database is also searchable by experts’ names.

I’ve received many irrelevant results for my request. How do I narrow my search?
Instead of using broad topics like “history” or “biology,” try entering more specific terms such as “Greek history” or “cellular biology.” Be specific and use Boolean search techniques, placing phrases in quotations or connecting terms with “and,” for example, “child psychology” and depression. More search tips are available on our Find an Expert by Topic page.

Do phone numbers listed connect me directly with faculty members?
Some faculty members prefer not to be contacted directly. In those cases, the contact information directs you to call or email the Office of University News and Media Relations for assistance in reaching the expert.

The expert I contacted does not want to be interviewed. Why is his or her name listed?
Participation in this service is voluntary for faculty and staff members. They may respond to media inquiries at their own discretion and may decline to be interviewed for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, experts do not respond if inquiries are outside their areas of expertise.

I am having trouble finding an expert to respond to my question. What can I do?
For further assistance, please contact the Office of University News and Media Relations at 732-932-7084 or email You can check the office’s website for individual contact information and coverage areas. Additional faculty experts also may be found on databases maintained by specific units, as noted on the search pages.