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Mike Westendorf Mike Westendorf
Associate Extension Specialist
Department of Animal Sciences
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
New Brunswick Campus
Key Topics:
The use of processed food waste as animal feed, On-farm composting project on horse farms, Johne's Disease control on cattle farms.

Expert's Biography:
Mike Westendorf, Ph.D., is an associate extension specialist in animal sciences. The goal of his research and extension programs is to develop research-based and practical solutions to problems that both farmers and society deal with. The design of new methods for processing food wastes to minimize environmental contamination while creating new animal feedstuffs, and the development of new means for disposing of animal manures are two of his major research focuses. Nutrition and growth of domestic animals, biosecurity and animal health, and the evaluation of extension programs are some other areas of interest.

He has been conducting research on the use of food wastes as animal feed since 1994. His future research will focus on determining the feeding value of different types of dry, processed food waste to animals.

Mike holds a Ph.D. in animal science/rumninant nutrition from the University of Kentucky.

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